Thursday, January 26, 2012

For the rapture prayers of repentance click on the link at the top of the page. Please humble yourself before the Lord. Repent all of your sins and ask the Holy Lord Jesus for forgiveness. If you need and want help please contact me Leave me a phone number to get back to you mostly in the evenings 7-11 central time. These prayers can be a real life changer.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Let me start my testimony by stating what I believe is Satin’s two biggest lies. Lies but for the awesome grace and mercy of the Holy Lord Jesus Christ would have consumed my soul for an eternity in the depths of Hell.
Satin’s Lie #1 – Once saved always saved. The concept that when you were 12 years old and accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior and were baptized, well that was it. Sure you had to try and do the right thing, but if you didn’t it was no big deal, you had a get out of jail card through Jesus. He would always forgive you. I bet that one lie has helped take more Christian Souls to Hell than any other. The truth has always been right there in front us, it was just too easy for us to believe the lie and too hard for us to follow the narrow path. If the lie were true why would Jesus have said Mark 10:24-25; “Children, how hard is it to enter the kingdom of God! 25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.” If Satin’s lie were true Jesus’s words would make no sense.
Satin’s Lie #2 – The idea most Christian’s have that once we got the word in the new testament that somehow made the old testament just a book of history and only the Jews had to follow its teachings. Not true!!! Get this straight once and for all. The wages for unrepented sin is death and eternal damnation, period end of report!!! That includes sin in your dreams, in your subconscious, your soul ties including all the unforgiving sin of your ancestors back to the fourth generation. Bud, this is not your mother’s milk, this is raw red meat. Truth that you must accept with absolutely no excuses before you are able to humble yourself before the Lord and truly repent and receive forgiveness.
The two sins that are the hardest for most people to overcome is “Pride” and “unforgiveness”. Both of these sins if left unrepented will take you straight to Hell.
Pride - We don’t even know what we are supposed to know, and that isn’t much in the big picture. If you can’t humbly go to the Lord like an open vessel and let the Holy Spirit a Christian’s best friend guide you every day, well I say to you, you have condemned yourself to swim in a lake of burning sulphur for billions of years with no relief. Is that a clear enough picture for you?
Unforgiveness – I have heard it said by people I believe are true prophets of God say, “The Lord God Almighty will not allow the son Holy Lord Jesus Christ to forgive those who can’t forgive.” Come on precious people (I love it when Dr. Owuor, probably the greatest end time prophet alive today says precious people) it makes perfect sense. After all the pain and suffering the Holy Lord Jesus has suffered through, if we can’t forgive, totally and completely well you have already condemned yourself to an eternity in Hell. If you don’t think hell is real, I beg you to go on YouTube and watch Angelica Zonbrano’s “Prepare to meet the Lord” even grown men better not watch it without tissue. I cried so hard listening in Spanish but reading the English subtitles, my contact rolled up into my eye and I couldn’t find it till the next day.
Now that I have laid the groundwork and stated some of my new found truths, I will tell you how I was born, reborn and reborn again in the blood of our Lord and Savior the Holy Lord Jesus the Christ.

The Other Carpenter in My Life

When the suffering comes, "I Will Be Lee, Will You Be Lee?" Our suffering here on earth prior to the rapture of the bride will be a test of our worthiness to enter the Kingdom. Amen

When we speak of “Carpenters”, we think of Jesus, but tonight I want to introduce to you the “Other Carpenter” in my life; one that I knew personally on earth.
His name was “Lee”. He was the nearest thing I have ever known to being the “Good Samaritan” Jesus described in Luke’s Gospel. My first inkling of this was in 1931, the middle of the great depression, when Lee was just 32 years old. A flash flood hit Oklahoma City in the early morning hours. Near Lee’s house a creek called “Lightening Creek”, named for its fast rising reputation, severely flooded before anyone sounded the alarm, and it swept an entire motel downstream before occupants could escape. The motel was filled with families whose father’s had come to Oklahoma City seeking work of any kind to feed their families. Many whole families drowned that night.
I don’t remember the exact death toll, but it was substantial. What I do remember is that at day-light, Lee fearing the worst, got up and rushed the few blocks to investigate. What he found was devastation everywhere. Survivors were wondering around in search for their missing loved ones. Lee found a father and a son about 10 years old searching for the mother and the other four children. They were not found that day….they were never found alive. Lee had hardships of his own as everyone did in that depression. He had his own problems finding carpenter jobs that were few and far between. For his own family he could only afford a three room rented house where all four members slept in the only bedroom. Nevertheless he took in this stranger and his son, and he shared what his family had for the next three months until the man and boy could move out on their own.
 The flood was a very unusual event, but Lee helping others was not. To him, it was an everyday occurrence. It was like breathing, or shaking hands,…or saying hello. It was nothing big or unusual; it was what you were supposed to do without a second thought. If someone was stranded beside the road, he stopped to help. If he happened to hear of a family living in a drafty unheated house, he made contact and used his carpenter skills to close out the cold then he would search for a used stove and wood or coal to give them heat. He never passed a bum on the street without doing something. He would share a little money, or offer them a lift, or do something to give them encouragement or improve their day. Helping was a natural part of his daily routine. He never thought of it as anything special; nor did he talk about it afterwards.
Unless you were there when it happened, you would never know about it from him.
Lee spent his life this way. At 75 he was still in construction and still helping others. I made a surprise visit to a Phillips 66 service station he was building on old US 66 in Oklahoma City. When I arrived work on the station was going along as usual, but he wasn’t doing it. Instead, he was leaning over the hood of an old car with a young sailor who had been transferred from the west to the east coast. The sailor’s young wife was in the car, parked under the station’s canapé’ out of the summer heat. Lee had spotted them broken down on his way to work, toed them to the station, took the sailor to buy parts, and lent his tools to put on a new fuel pump. Lee managed to supervise the work on the station, greeted me, and all the while he continued to watch over the sailor’s needs until this little young family was back on the road again. Throughout he was completely unaware he was doing anything everybody wouldn’t do.
Like Jesus, “Lee” had humble surroundings all of his life. He never held a position above construction foreman. He never saved much money. He never owned an expensive car. He never owned more than an acre of land. He never lived in a house with over 1000 sqft. He never had a house with more than two bed rooms nor one with central air conditioning. But he was a good man, and tonight Lee stands in heaven with the Master Carpenter. I am sure Jesus looked back over all of the people he had helped day by day by day during his 80 years on earth. And, I don’t believe Jesus had to ask him….”What did you do for the least of mine?” Jesus knew Lee had done whatever he could…every day. Lee was truly the Good Samaritan, in real life.
This was the “Other Carpenter” in my life. He was my father. I learned much from him, and by example he set standards and goals I have had to reach for all of my life. I know tonight that when my time comes to stand before the Master Carpenter, as he already has, I will have more to offer than I would had I not known Lee. Everyone can’t have a Lee for inspiration in their life, but if you don’t, I hope you will share him and his story with me. He was a big man, big enough to be shared by others. If Lee can be an inspiration to you, I think he would be pleased, and I would be pleased as well.”
This was written in 2002 by my dad Robert Lindauer, Jr. about his dad my beloved grandfather Robert Sr. and it says as much about my dad as it does about my grandfather. Both Godly men that any boy would be honored to have as theirs. 
Now that, precious people is the stock I come from. And I’m ashamed to say the two most important earthly men in my life where not enough to keep me from nearly losing my salvation. It took humbling myself before the Holy Lord Jesus Christ and truly repenting of all my sins to save me. 

Sin of Pride

Pride is like an onion, you peel it back just to reveal another smelly layer. Pray to the Holy Lord Jesus to have your best friend The Holy Spirit help you break your pride. Amen.